Privacy Policy

The 7ID application (the application, the app) is owned, developed and provided by Kazathy Inc, which is located in Blairsville, GA, US.

We value the privacy of our users and are committed to protecting their personal information. We do not collect or store any unnecessary data.

Your Photos

The app does not disclose or share your photos with any third party.

Use of Camera in the App

Camera permission is exclusively used for capturing your photo, which will be converted into a passport or ID photo.

Use of Image Gallery (Library)

Access to images from the image gallery (library) is solely required for:

  1. Selecting a photo as a source for a passport or ID photo.
  2. Exporting a result photo to the gallery if the user wants to save it.

Information Collected by the App

The app collects only the following information: user's country, interface language, device model name, and OS version (Android or iOS). No other information is collected.

The collected information is used exclusively for statistical purposes and to inform development decisions. This information may also be used to provide technical support.

No Third-Party Advertising

The app does not display any third-party advertisements and is not part of any advertising network.



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